One of the Coldest Winter Days on Record and the 2nd Rainiest Season of the 21st Century.

One of the Coldest Winter Days on Record and the 2nd Rainiest Season of the 21st Century.


On February 20th, the daytime maximum temperature in Claremont as measured at the KCACLARE5 Claremont-Claraboya weather station reported an average max daytime temperature in the lower 40’s, 44 at 10:30, spiking briefly to 48 at noon and back into a historically low temperature of 46 an hour later and dropping to 44 by 3 PM. Snow was predicted late in the afternoon in Claremont, LaVerne, and  San Dimas, but the storm fell apart, leaving the foothills blanketed in white powder.  Going back through the daytime max daytime highs for downtown LA, this puts us at or near the lowest maximum daytime temperature for a February day in recorded weather history.  Add to that that the 2018/19 seasonal rainfall total of 24 inches (as or this writing and with more rain on the way,) is the 2nd highest seasonal rainfall after the 2004/5 total of 37 inches in this century, we’ve had an unusually rainy and cold winter in the Inland Empire and throughout greater Southern California. 

Claremont has certainly had colder nights, as low as 28 degrees in 1883, but the string of cold, 40-something days in February of 2019 makes this winter a historical standout.  There’s more rain on the way next week according to . An inch and a half to two inches are forecast.  It doesn’t look like we’ll break the historical high of 37 inches, but it’s nice to know that our worst drought - 2011-15 - is behind us and that despite the 2017/18 seasonal low of 6 inches, 2016/17 and 2018/19 have produced substantially higher rainfalls than the seasonal average of 15 inches for greater Southern California. 

Sources: LA Almanac, Weather Underground 

By: Terrance Dwyer – Indian Hill Media.


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